Human information processing (HIP)

Each answer not related to other, may some information repeat again, so, deat with each questions Separatly
A- What is Human information processing (HIP) meaning ?support your answer by using the diagram of it
To answer this you have to define the definition of HIP and use the diagram of it see attachment
B- how does the concept of “attention” limit our performance when interacting with systems?
C- Explain why we need to understand how Human information processing (HIP) works and how psychological models help us to do this?
D- Why is this theory different from earlier models/ theories that assume linear processing (e.g MHP)? What does current research say?
E- What cognitive strategies do we use that may enhance our performance when interaction with system?
F- illustrate the components of HIP systems and explain how they work using the Simplex One model ?
G- Describe a situation/event where you could be prone to error as a humman interacting with a system. How does our humman information processing system limit our performance? Give a detial example of one cognitve process and how performance can be affected


2- useful, useable, accessible of desgin of website
Each answer not related to other, may some information repeat again, so, deat with each questions Separately
A- What is meant of universal usability give two exampe about that ?
B- Explain the differnces of useful, useable, accessible , give exmples to demonstrate the differences? Very very important quesstion
Make it as a table within writing around 200 words
C- Discuss how these functions help to fulfi the user’s needs expectations and goals. Include some real life examples to illustrate your answer?

3- humman error
Each answer not related to other, may some information repeat again, so, deat with each questions Separately
A- what is humman error? Why is it important? What types are there! Very very important quesstion
B- How can humman error be reduces? What model(s) are avaiable to help reducing error? Give three ways applied/ practical and detialed? Very very important quesstion
C-When considering the management of humman error in systems today we need to consider the whole socio-technical system. Explain what this means and how we can manage error more effectively in future . try to give explames to support yoyr answer ?
D- When there is a major disaster in the world the last humman to interface with system gets the blame (e.g. pilot error). However, any accident or incident is very rarely the result of just “one mistake”. Explain how “human error is used as excuser for many disater and explain some of the “latent pathogens” (underlying reasons) for such disasters. Provide detailed examples to justify your answer
E- Explain how acidents are always the consequence of a combination of both active failures and latent conditions (Reason 1997; 2000) support your answer with use a diagram


4- complex HIC
A- Explain 2 parpagraphs what we mean by the complexity of HCI and illustrate your answer with using a disgram
B- In trying to reduce the gaps (gulfts) between humans and systems . Norman claimed that these could be filed by a 7 stage sequences of action . Explain what Norman meant by gulf of execution and evaluation and describe his 7-stage model. Use a diagram
Key answer :
See attachment ppt of HIP +complex HIC+Feedback

5- Feedback
A- Explain the concept of feedback and disuss why it is important both from a Human information processing persperctive and within the context of designing smart systems today? Provide examples to support your answer. Very very important question
Write around 200 words to answer this
Key answer :
See attachment ppt of HIP +complex HIC+Feedback


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