human and animal interrelationships.

Book Report/Review,

Project description
The book you choose must have some aspect of human and animal interrelationships. I have provided a list of suggested books and I really prefer that you keep with one

of the books on the list. If you absolutely have to choose a book that is not on this list you must email me for approval. Provide a short description of the book and

I will let you know if it is acceptable. If you use an unapproved book, you may lose credit for this assignment.

Report Specifications:
• All reports must be typed, 12 font, double-spaced, with standard one inch margins.
• Title page should state Student Name, book title and author of the book
• Length of paper will vary with length of book, but should be at least 5 pages.
• All students will submit a printed copy in class on Oct 6, and one electronically to the dropbox in D2l for plagiarism check. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE YOUR PAPERS IN ANY

COVERS OR FOLDERS. Just staple them in the upper left hand corner.
• All papers should include a very brief introduction, which should include the reason why you chose this book.
• Following the introduction, you will write a short summary of each chapter in the book. At the end of each chapter summary, in a separate paragraph, discuss any

human-animal relationships in that chapter. Just a few of the questions you can ask yourself include but are not limited to: Did the relationships influence the story

or were they not important. Where the relationships positive or negative? Companionship? Antagonist? Friend? Stuff like this…..
• A conclusion at the end of the paper should summarize the relationships between humans and animals that you wrote about throughout the whole book in your chapter

summaries, and explain their importance and/or significance.
• MOST COMMON MISTAKE: Not analyzing/expanding on or explaining the importance of the human-animal relationships. Just doing a summary of the chapter is NOT enough.

Also, ALL chapters must be summarized, even if that chapter did not include any human-animal relationships.
• D2L dropbox submission: you MUST submit your paper electronically to the dropbox in D2L for plagiarism check.
• Final day to submit book report is Oct. 6, 2014. If you do not submit the paper to the dropbox in addition to a hard copy in class, your paper will receive a grade

of 0.

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