how transgenic plants affect traditional agriculture

Write an research paper for topic: how transgenic plants affect traditional agriculture. All references listed in your bibliography should be cited at least once in the body of your paper. o Use in-text citations only, the use of footnotes or endnotes for your references are not allowed. A good paper should have more than five references, depending on the topic. Cite all information that is not common knowledge. Where necessary quote verbatim and enclose such passages in quotation marks, up to one sentence, maximum. Define all technical terms so that we see that you understand them. Do not copy from internet. Grade will base on this: 1. Thesis development, originality of approach to subject matter, sufficient narrowing of topic (45 points) 2. Understanding and interpretation of research material (45 points) 3. Depth of Research and use/integration of variety of sources (45 points) 4. Balanced viewpoint, presentation of all sides of the issue (45 points)


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