how power relations influence the growth of the renewable energy industry

Topic: Compare and contrast how power relations influence the growth of the renewable energy industry. Examine this question in Australia and Japan. The assessment should be approached as a request from a small firm interested to expand its operation into renewa

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: Report, 750 words.

 _Executive summary (a very short summary of the main points)
 _Issues for consideration
o sub heading for issue 1
o sub heading for issue 2 etc
 _Options for expansion
o Option 1 (state what the option is)
o Option 2 (state what the option is)
 _Recommendation – a simple short statement of what you recommend.

Part 2: Analytical essay,

An essay has no headings and usually has the following format:
Introduction – this paragraph introduces the topic so the reader knows what you are discussing and briefly summarises your argument. Approx. 200-250 words
A series of paragraphs will construct the argument. Each paragraph presents one component of the argument, and each builds towards a logic that convinces the reader. In a short assignment such as this, we would expect 3-4 components to support the argument so you would need at least 3-4 paragraphs of approx 300-400 words. The first sentence of the paragraph presents the main idea; the rest of the paragraph provides support, justification and evidence for the idea. The final sentence of the paragraph reaffirms the idea using different words, and if possible links to the next paragraph so the logic of your argument flows for the reader.
The conclusion summarises the argument in approx. 250 words. There should be no new material in the conclusion.

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