how jazz developed in the United States

Paper instructions:

Choose one of the topics below. The paper is to be approximately six pages long (double spaced). These topics include diversity and historical issues related to

jazz including major figures and stylistic developments. You must consult at least three outside sources for this paper. You must use appropriate citations and itemize

all outside sources using footnotes and a bibliography. Information about the recommended citation style can be found at Citations. Your textbook is not an outside

source, but may be consulted as well.

A) Describe how jazz developed in the United States from the fusion of African and European influences around the turn of the century through the 1930s. What role

did the cultural diversity of cities like New Orleans and New York play in this development? Use specific examples of major jazz figures of this period. Use specific

examples of stylistic developments that occurred during this time.

B) Compare and contrast the careers of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. Include their important stylistic contributions to jazz. Describe how these

contributions impacted subsequent generations of musicians. Include important musicians they performed with and give specific examples of their recordings. Describe

the effect each of these great musical geniuses had on the perception of race in the U.S.

The paper will be graded on content, quality of research, organization and structure, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and writing style.

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