Household Hazardous Waste

Paper instructions:
How many pounds of household hazardous waste and regular household waste are generated in the US per year? How about in your state or local area or on your base (Dearborn, Michigan)? Can you readily find this information? Do the numbers surprise you?

Do you think your household has similar amounts of hazardous and regular waste per year? What are your thoughts on this issue? How do we go about changing people’s habits? What is the impact if we do/don’t? Be sure to address BOTH hazardous (e.g., paint, oil, chemicals) and regular(e.g., kitchen trash)waste. Think about your personal household as well as your community. How does your community handle hazardous household waste? Can you curbside it? Do you have to take it somewhere special? Does it cost you extra? How about regular trash? Do you have limits on amount imposed by your community? Where does recycling fit in to all of this?


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