History of literature;

compose a portfolio ofthe following pieces ofwork:
1. Research and compose a narrative text of around 2500 words which draws on ONE ofthe following:
The work of an author briefly examined in this unit

The context and literary values ofa specific literary movement

The conventions of a specific literary genre


2. A proposal of NO MORE than 1000 words in which you

a.explain the focus of your work

b. list the texts which you believe will be helpful to you in researching this

c. give a schedule of the times by which your piece must be researched, written, and edited.


3. A reflection

statement of around 1500 words in which you explain what you have learned from the task, what you found difficult and what you found interesting, and how you will continue reading and considering the themes ofinterest in the Higher School Certificate (HSC) course.
You might like to look at such concepts and motifs as:

1850-177os The Enlightenment:

Divine power in physical forces

Transformation and practical science

The rational society

The scientist as hero

1780-1830 Romanticism:

The Sublime

The heroic artist

Nature and Industry

1880-1901 The Rise ofthe novel:

Social realism

The Gothic


Caricature in narrative

1890-1945 Modernism:

The flaneur

Technology and futurism


Criteria for Assessment

A student will demonstrate the ability to

Compose an original text

which fluently integrates meaning, form and values in a coherent manner
Communicate insights into concepts explored using language
appropriate to purpose and audience

Manipulate language, technical devices and conventions ofthe form and genre in a skilful, integrated
way Engage the audience’s interest through the treatment ofthe subject matter and the presence ofa strong personal voice Refiect with insight on the process of composition and evaluate the integration of meaning, structure, form and style. Do the 1780-1830 Romanticism period.
1780-1830 Romanticism:

The Sublime

The heroic artist

Nature and Industry



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