History and Political Science

Response paper: “The Meanng of Fourth of July for the Negro” by Frederick Douglass

This needs to be a response letter. What was Douglass’ argument? This question is about the document. How had the discussion of slavery change history? How did the proponents of slavery seek to defend the institution? How did the changes lead to a conflict not only between law and history but to conflicting strategies and conflicting histories? Why did the conflict result in the inability to create a common economic and social interest? ( These questions are about the historical context in which the document was written.)
Paragraph 1: needs a minimum of 3 sentences. The last sentence should be a thesis sentence.

Paragraph 2: needs a min. Of 8 sentences. This should describe what was the law? What was history? What was the strategy? How did the state maintain legitimacy in the constitutional order of the state nation? What was necessary for change from one constitution form to another? Cannot lack discussion of the framework of the topic.

Paragraph 3: needs a min of 8 sentences. This should address the first topic.

Paragraphs four and five: these need a min of 8 sentences. These should address the second set of questions in the topic. They need to describe the historical context in which the document was written.

Paragraph 6: needs a min. Of 3 sentences. What do you want the reader of your letter to remember?

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