Historical Analysis: Objectives

For additional help in writing historical analyses, refer to Chapter 7 in the AGWR.
As you prepare for and write the historical analysis essay, keep in mind the following objectives:
Critical Reading
• Learn how various writers “frame” the problem under consideration
• Critically read found sources for use in an academic essay
• Evaluate sources for use in an academic essay
• Analyze each others’work and provide effective responses
• Learn to use both Internet research sources and Library databases
• Think about research as a process
• Develop a methodology for digital research: general to specific
• Learn effective note-taking skills
• Create accurate, rhetorically effective summaries of texts
• Create a concise thesis statement that answers the prompt
• Provide well-reasoned, detailed, and appropriate support for points in a thesis, strategically selected from appropriate research sources
• Smoothly integrate ideas (summarized, paraphrased, or quoted) from other sources into your essay
• Develop effective response and revision skills
• Use an image or figure in text for rhetorical effect
Conventions of Academic Writing
• Use of academic ethos
• Precise word choice, formal style, objective attitude and tone, and logical essay organization
• Appropriate use of MLA documentation and style formatting

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