Hinduism Afterlife.

Paper instructions:
Religious Afterlife Paper

Choose one religion that has a belief in life after death.  (Choose a religion different from your own or different from something in which you have ever participated.)  Research that religion’s belief about the afterlife.  You will need to find out what the afterlife is like, how one obtains life after death, and why one may be denied life after death.  You may cite the reasons for the beginnings of the belief, if known, and any interesting information pertatining to this subject.  Any rites, rituals, ceremonies, prayers, or practices that accompany death may also be included in your paper.

This paper must be at least 1500 words and proper documentation for references will need to be given.  (Include a bibliography and use footnotes.)  You must have at least 3 references (not including the course textbook) for this paper. Instructor does not accept non-academic sources- such as Wikipedia.

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