High Security Printers situation

Business Report
support/writing an Annex about
– High Security Printers and their situation
– High Security Products as banknotes, ID-Cards, passports, tax banderoles
– specific situation as state printers are stated owned, in this case “privatized”
– a lot of key-informations are given
– further research might be necessary as references are needed
– some kind of high-level summary of a specific situation + University level


Write academic style, find referencesforeach ‚part’. A welleducatedperson (financialandmanagementbackground) shouldunderstand. Do NOT writefordummies.
Part 1 / 100 words
Situation ofstatedownedcompanies – privatized

Part 2 / 200 words
Special situationofstateownedcompanieswithin EU
Tenders business
Governmentalinterests – egoisticastheyhavetosupporttheir national printers
EU regulation


Part 3
High Security Printers situation

• High Security printing – Definition: governmentalrelatedprintedproducts, mainlybanknotes/currency; ID-documentsaspassportsand ID cards, taxstamps/taxbanderoles?interest:
o Currency: „makemoney out of“ (banknotevalue (nomination) versus costforprinting (20 to 35cent/banknote)).
o Identity: securinginterestofthestate, thepublic, individualsinterests, control: avoidingcriminals … fulfilling international agreedregulationsandnorms (ICAO, partof UNO).
o Taxstamps/banderoles: incomeofthestate
• ? all securityproductsare also ofinterestforfraudsters, counterfeiters, criminals, etc? so theseare also „driving“ andinfluencethebusiness
• ?securityproductshavetobe ‚secured’ bymethodswhicharedifficult/impossibleto counterfeit, manipulation etc.
• ? so a HighSecurityprinterhavetobealwaysonestepahead(especiallytechnologywise). BUT: A securityprinterhas ALWAYS todeliver 100% while a counterfeiter in caseof ID-documentsmightbefocussedonlyonto a fewones. Andtoproduce a fewonesiseasierasexcellentqualityoveryears. Further on a passporthastosurvive 5 or 10 years. A falseoneprobablyonly „onemoment“ (tocross a boarder). Technologywiseespecially material/substrateitis a BIG difference.
• ?needs high innovative products / therefor: comparedtootherprinters a ‚good’ high securityprinterspend a lotofmoneyinto ‚innovation&development’ – as also in partnershipswithUniversities
• ? golden rule: „productionunderoneroof“ (securityaspects) ?needs a lotofKnowHowandequipment … BUT itisofinterestforthestate/governmentandgetpaidbythem

Part 4 /
Partnerships + security

• High Security needs innovative technologiesfromtheedge. Todeveloptheseitneeds strong relationsshipsandpartnershipswithUniversitiesandinstitutes. BUT theinterestofUniversitiesistocreateknowledge – availableforeveryone – whiletheinterestofthestateprinteristostayveryquiteandinvolveaslesspeopleaspossible?conflict!!!

• Verytechnologydrivenbusiness. Strategic decisionsquiteinfluencedbythisaspect.

• Further on itneedsfreedomtoact: Rights/IPRs – but writingpatentsissomehowopening a windowtothetechnology?conflict


Part 5
Banknote industry

• Situation DeLaRue – British – mainlycommonwealth. Printingfor 100 countries. Focussedheavily on banknotes. Haveownsecuritypapermanufactoring (followingrule: productionunderoneroof).

• Situation G&D – Germany – biggest private ownedsecurityprinter in theworld, focussed on banknotesand cash-management. Haveownsecuritypapermanufactoring AND hologrammanufactoring (followingrule: productionunderoneroof).

• Situation Oberthur – France – focussed on banknotes. Focussed on french countries.

• CRANE – USA &Sweden – focussedontobanknote?banknotes + paper + securityfoiling (productionunderoneroof) ?quitefamous high securityprinter / youmigth find someinformation in theinternet + attached a brochureofthem.

• Based on EURO-productionmost high securityprintersinvestinto Banknote.Onlythe Bundesdruckerei (Germany) focussedonto ID/identityandeGovernment. Strategically clever as NOW the EURO ismoreorlessprintedandtheothershavetomuchcapacity … whilethe Bundesdruckerei isquitehealthy.

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