health quality inprovement and innovation

Paper instructions:
Masters level, not exceeding 1000 words. An outline required to be checked by tutor before completing.

Read the following Article. Ferlie, E. Fitzgerald, L, Wood, M. Hawkins, C. (2005) The non-spread of innovations: the mediating role of professionals; academy of management. Journal, 48(1): 117-134.

In 1000 words

What are the leadership implications of this study? make particular reference to theory, evidence and practice in your answer.

Example–taking a particular angle or line and develop a line of enquiry. what does this mean for policy or leadership, key issues that interest you.

draw on other theories to support your argument

If you agree, what are you going to do about it

If you don’t agree, what are you going to do.

If you choose leadership look at interactions within organisational context

If you choose policy -look at the bigger picture, wider issues, professional

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