hair examiner

hair examiner

Paper details:

2. Go to: This will open in a new web page.
username: paula2200
4. Once you log in, select “Forensic Hair Analysis.”
5. Select Exercise 1.

6. Complete the lab exercise and the lab report you downloaded. The report consists of laboratory procedural steps as well as essay questions concerning the experiment.

NOTE: The worksheets attached to the virtual lab ARE NOT required to be completed/submitted. Use only the lab report attached to this assignment (“lab report exercise hair 1.”

Essay question
Hair Examinations- Exercise 1
(be sure to answer question 4, on page 2)

1. List the equipment and supplies required for the examination/classification of cuticles (Lab Exercise 1) (5 pts):

2. Thoroughly describe, in proper sequence, the examination process of cuticles (24 pts):

3. Short Answer: What is a cuticle (11 points)?
4. Complete the following table based on your lab exercise (you may use the lab worksheets provided online to assist, but they are not required to be submitted) (40 points):

5. Short Answer: What are the three layers that comprise each hair strand (9 its)

6. Short Answer: What is the most important scientific instrument in the forensic analysis of hair (6 points)?

7. Fill in the blank: Hair is made of a protein called _______________. (5 its)

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