Guidelines for Vocabulary Strategy

Guidelines for Vocabulary Strategy
The purpose of this assignment is for you to have practice in using a research-based vocabulary strategy in your classroom and to reflect upon your experience teaching it. Here are the vocabulary strategies to choose from:
Frayer Model
PAVE Procedure
Semantic Feature Analysis
Contextual Redefinition
Concept of Definition Word Map
These vocabulary strategies are featured in the Vocabulary Power Point and the procedures for each of these strategies are in the Vocabulary Strategies handout. Both of these resources are in Content > Assignments > Vocabulary Strategy assignment and in the dropbox for the vocabulary strategy assignment.
Do the following:
(1) Choose a vocabulary strategy to include in one of your lessons. Be sure to choose a strategy that fits the developmental level of your students and the content and materials you are using in the lesson. Also choose a strategy that is new to you or with which you have had very little experience. Carefully review information on the strategy and the steps of the strategy so you can teach it effectively.
(2) Teach the strategy to your students. When teaching it, be sure to explain the purpose of the strategy and tell them how it will help their reading. Then model how to use the strategy.
(3) Complete the information sheet on the strategy (see page 2 of this handout).
(4) Collect the work of two English learners who participated in the lesson, one should be a high achiever and one should be a struggling learner or a student at the low intermediate English proficiency level. Then, scan the two examples and upload them into the dropbox with the information sheet. Name one example LEARNER A and one example LEARNER B.
Strategy Information Sheet (2 typed pages required)
Your name:
Grade level:
Language proficiency level(s) of students:
Topic of lesson:
Vocabulary used with strategy:
Vocabulary strategy:
Theoretical connection: (State in your own words the rationale and purpose of the strategy. How is it supposed to help students? Use the information in the Vocabulary and/or in your textbook. Cite the source of the information). Respond to each question below in detail. Support your answers with evidence from student work and responses.
Description of how you used the strategy in your lesson:
(1) How did you introduce the strategy?
(2) How did you model the strategy?
(3) How did you assess the students’ use of the strategy?
(4) Compare and contrast the work of a high achiever with the work of a struggling student or an EL at the intermediate proficiency level. How well did each of these students do with the strategy? What additional instruction or practice do they need to use the strategy effectively?
(5) How would you differentiate instruction the next time you have your class implement the strategy?
(6) What did you learn from teaching your students how to use this strategy?
How do you think it might help them build their academic vocabulary in the content area you teach?

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