group communications or processes

There are many books that look at group process. Often in the management area or organizational development section of a book store, you can find interesting books specific to your area. That’s where I’d start – try your public library, local bookstore or on line at a place like Barnes and Noble or Amazon to see if they have books that might be of interest. For instance, let’s say I am interested in working for a not-for-profit, I might search “not for profits and organizational development” or more specifically, “Boys and Girls Clubs and organizational structure”. Anticipate it will take a few hours to find just what you are looking for. Once you have a title, I would check with the UWS library or your local library.

What: Read the book, take notes and develop an analysis given what we have discussed and read in our class. Some things you might consider is how the text discusses different aspects of groups (selection of a Board, training staff and Board members, hiring practices, helping the executive organize and structure the organization to effectively serve its clients/customers. Do the authors discuss problem solving? Communication? ).

What will be submitted to the drop box: A 3-4 page analysis paper describing key elements of the text and your analysis of the text overall.


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