“Glutopia Gluten-free Desserts and Breads”

Greg is a 40 year old accountant whose hobby and true passion is baking! His breads and desserts always receive rave reviews from recipients and Greg has spent countless hours researching recipes. Since his daughter Emily is gluten intolerant as well as lactose intolerant, Greg has become passionate about creating desserts that those with these conditions can enjoy. After sampling the available gluten-free desserts and breads, Greg discovered that his own self-developed recipes tasted better and were more nutritious. Since Greg lives near three large cities, his secondary market research indicates a large close population of potential customers. Greg estimates that he can launch a commercial venture to serve these three cities with an initial investment of about $250,000. This would purchase used commercial baking equipment, complete the necessary leasehold improvements to satisfy the health regulations and purchase two delivery trucks. Two local grocery chains as well as several health foods stores have agreed to test his products. He has not decided if a retail location would be practical or profitable. He is confident that a national market exists for these products.

Using the Project Instructions, complete the Cover Page,
Business Description, Vision Statement, and Mission Statement sections of the
Descriptive Business Plan for the above proposed business venture.
Assignment Checklist:
The Assignment should include the following elements:
? A completed Cover Page with your name, name of business, and date.
? A general business description: This should include what the business will
do, and what products or services it will produce or deliver to the customer.
This should be specific.
? Vision Statement: A statement of what you visualize the business to be at
some definite point in the future based on present realities.
? Mission Statement: A succinct statement detailing the reason(s) for the
business’ existence and the guiding principles of the business.
? Personal Motivation: A personal reflective discussion of why you want to
own and manage a small business.
? State what skills and experiences you would bring to the new venture.
? Identify the basic decision-making process that can be used throughout
your analysis and planning.


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