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Glad U R Here Hotel Company
Glad U R Here (GURH) is an international hotel company operating in four different countries: UK, USA, Hong Kong and South Africa. It employs 7,000 employees world-wide and offers 5 star services.

The hotel has:
• outstanding conference facilities and business support services;
• first class bar and restaurant services;
• state-of-the-art gymnasia in which personalised fitness programmes are offered to paying members and guests.

The UK chain of GURH hotels consists of 35 hotels and on average, between 50-90 members of staff per hotel. The hotels are situated in major UK cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Exeter, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Oxford and Cardiff.
Staff surveys have revealed that frontline workers (i.e. those responsible for service delivery such as porters, waiters, receptionists and personal trainers) are becoming de-motivated due to the very high demands of their jobs. Although the hotel offers 5 star services, staff do not feel they are treated in a ‘five-star’ like manner by management. In fact, morale is low and guests are beginning to notice a decline in the quality of services offered.

Further, during the last two years the hotel chain has experienced a significant downturn in profits due to the credit crunch and increasing competition. Accordingly the board of directors has decided that the ONLY WAY forward is to downsize the workforce and lose approximately 20% of workers both in the UK and worldwide. Such losses will place further burdens on staff who are ‘lucky enough’ to retain their jobs.

Due to the enormity of the tasks at hand, the hotel chain has decided to commission consultants to write a detailed report instructing them of the approach the chain should take to address the relevant issues in each country.

YOU are a member of the consultancy group, People Management R Us! and have been assigned the task of recommending an approach that should be adopted for the UK-based hotels. You will submit your report to the newly appointed chief executive, Stephanie Peahen and her board of directors at their head office in Cardiff in July 2016. Stephanie is determined to promote a culture in which employees will feel valued and motivated. Hence, she wants to ensure that whatever approach is recommended by the consultants, it will be sensitive to employees’ well-being especially through the downsizing programme.

You are required to write:

i) The report’s aims and company’s mission statement

ii) A detailed list of instructions and recommendations and;

iii) A clear description of how your recommendations should be evaluated at some future point in time, and should include at least one of the following measures: i) employee engagement, ii) commitment, iii) task performance or, iv) organisational citizenship behaviours.


5. An approach to downsizing which is consistent with the board’s desire to promote employees’ well-being. You should outline the various means by which the company may achieve improved sales and profitability BEFORE reducing the workforce by 20%. Your approach should endeavour to limit the negative effects that downsizing programmes have on employee morale, task performance and commitment.

1. Provide the report’s aims
2. Provide the company’s mission statement

3. Are your recommendations for implementation specific and detailed – not vague? Have you carefully thought through the details of your recommendations and provided illustrated examples?
Are your instructions realistic and reasonable?
4. Have you provided several meaningful approaches to undertake a future (6-12 months) evaluation of the effectiveness of your recommendations? Particular attention should be given to assessing workforce attitudes and behaviours. Credit will be given for using validated measures as outlined in lectures.

Overall Presentation:
5 i) Is your report easy to follow, written logically and lucidly?
ii) Have you used sub-headings throughout to guide the reader?
iii) Do your paragraphs differentiate between themes?

more details: content 3 lines. just write the reports aim and glad you are here’s mission statement.
mission statement should be specific.

write subheadings
short and detailed paragraphs.
in recommendation bit which is the main part of the course work give instructions and recommendations with examples, make sure your instruction shouldn’t be written in an essay type, you should be instructing me what to do and it should be clear, reasonable and specific. ( have detailed instructions rather than discussion of issue).
Give instructions from HR view only and not marketing or finance view which aren’t HR.
show you have done excellent research and give examples in the recommendation part.

it is very important to cover every aspect of each part of the question and the guidance.
what things you are going to do to make redundancies and what are the things you will do to retain.
remember this is a managerial report so avoid academic jargon.

in the evaluation part, use measurement of
1) commitment :
– i do not feel like part of the family at my organisation
– i would be very happy to spend rest of my career with this organisation.
– i do not feel emotionally attached to this department.
2) job engagement measure:
– my mind often wonders and i think of other things when doing my job.
– I’m highly engaged in this job
3) withdrawal behaviour measure:
– i give advance notice if i am unable to go to work.
– i always arrive work at time
– my attendance at work is above average.
4) organisation citizenship behaviours I :
– i assist others with their duties
– i go out of my way to make newer employees feel welcomed in the work group
5) organisational citizenship behaviours O:
– i defend the organisation when other employees criticise it
– i take a personal interest in what happens in my organisation.

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