Geothermal Energy in Kenya

Order Description
Identify a research topic: interest on a type of energy, region or specific case study. (Geothermal energy at Olkaria in Kenya).
-what are some of the important factors to consider in reference to the nervy source you researched? what purposes is your source used?
-what are the advantages of developing this source in your region and/or for your group?
-what are some of the concerns or drawbacks of this source in general? what are specific issues that have arisen regarding this source in the ragion (or case study) where it is being harnessed or developed for use?
-what are the environmental justive concerns regarding this source and your region/group?
-how have anthropologists (and other social scientists) been involved in the chosen region in terms of development efforts around this energy source? What types of roles would anthropologists fill? What specific types of work or profucts would they contribute?
-Evaluate their work in terms of quality, purpose, impacts it has had on energy, economic development on the region or people.
-any recommendations you would make to a regions government for energy development.

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