George Washington

Paper instructions:
Bibliography (15 percent of final grade)

There is a wealth of information available in the traditional formats of books, journals, newspapers, and more. UMUC’s library subscribes to many data bases that

contain such resources that are available to you in electronic format. For this assignment, you will do a search of UMUC’s data bases for three (3) scholarly articles

in peer reviewed journals on your chosen topic – please note that you must find articles which are available in full text on the UMUC library data bases. In addition

to the library research tutorial you completed as the first graded assignment, you should review “Research Skills Tutorial, finding articles
As you need to find scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals, the two best databases in the Most Recommended Resources list are JSTOR and Academic Search


Complete the following in your annotated bibliography for each article:

¦Provide a complete citation for the site, including the URL and your date of access. Note that the required style for this class is the University of

Chicago/Turabian. For an example of what elements to include in your citation, go to and click on Web Sites. There are

also examples provided under Course Content by clicking Brief Primer to Citing Sources in Chicago Humanities Style (B = bibliography).  Any information drawn from the

websites need citations in the form of foot- or end-notes.
¦Provide a complete bibliography reference in a separate bibliography in the University of Chicago/Turabian style.
¦Write several paragraphs in which you describe the contents of the article, how it is related to your topic, and why the site is acceptable for use in an academic

research paper, using the information you collected from your evaluation of the site.

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