Garba Dance (Gujarat)

Garba Dance (Gujarat)

Order Description
Write a 5 page research paper (references and bibliography must be included on a separate page)

The dance is Garba (Gujarat)
Research paper must include:

1. Introduction: Introduce the dance

2. History: The history of the dance chosen. How, why, and where it began. It’s importance, what makes it unique

3. Specifics: Where is it usually performed and who performs it. What types of costumes are worn and why. Is the movement symbolic for anything. Explain what type of music it is danced to.
Any other information you would like to include about this dance form.

4. Evolution: How has the dance evolved from its beginning until the present? How and where is it still being performed? Where do you see it going in the future?

5. Preservation: Many traditional art forms get lost. Once an art form goes commercial its true meaning also disappears. Also, globalization plays a big part in the disintegration of traditional dances, music, rituals etc. What are some ways people can do to preserve this dance? Please discuss 3 things people can do to preserve this cultural dance and it’s meaning?

6. Conclusion: Final comments, lessons learned, impression

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