Fundraising Plan

Project description
Assignment 1: Select an NCAA Division I or II institution to develop a comprehensive fundraising plan for. This assignment will be due the last week of class. You must include the 11 sections of a plan found in Table 2.1 of the text on page 19.

Appendix 2:1. Athletic Organization fundraising plan sectional breakdown

Fundraising Plan Outline:
1. Title Page
-Athletic organization name(school, university, club)
-Operational Address, Phone Numbers, Email, Website
-Athletic Organization Logo
-Page Title- Fundraising Program Plan
-Date of Plan
-Fundraising Administrators and Team Members
-Completion/Distribution Date
-Copy Numbers (for tracking)
(Unpretentious creativity is a plus)

2. Title of Contents
-Major Sections
-Page Numbers

3. Fundraising Plan Summation
One Page Synopsis of
-overall fundraising program
-Products and services
-marketing strategies
-Operational systems
-management team
-financial status and need

4. Fundraising program vision and mission statement
-An All-Encompassing statement of fundraising philosophy, future vision, and major operational goal

5. Athletic organization and fundraising program history
-A Synopsis of
*Athletic Organization history
*Past fundraising efforts & achievements

6. Long Term Fundraising Goals(3-5 years)
-four to five total long term goals of the fundraising program
-broad and quantitative (if possible)

7. Short Term Fundraising Goals (1-2 years)
-for each long term goal, have specific actions (this year or next) to reach goal
-precise and measurable
-time frames

8. Fundraising S.W.O.T. Analysis
-strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
-scenario analysis

9. Fundraising Polices, procedures, and ethical obligations
-breakdown of the fundraising programs policies (rules)
-breakdown of the fundraising programs procedures (critical fundraising functions)
-ethical guidelines *ethical code of conduct

10. Fundraising Program Human Resource Management
-fundraising team’s job descriptions
-BOD Job descriptions
-staff job descriptions
-net human resources requirements and action plan
-selection and hiring procedures
-I.T. System
-orientation and training
-performance appraisals
-compensation and benefits
-disciplinary system
-safety and health issues

11. Fundraising marketing and promotions
-fundraising marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion)
-brand development
-target audience
-marketing communication mix

12. Fundraising program financial projections and financial statements
-expenditure and revenue projections for the fundraising plan

13. Appendix
-event itineraries
-training program agendas
-timetables and schedules
-booster club criteria
-legal documentation

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