Frankenstein, Mary Shelley.

Frankenstein, Mary Shelley. If you believe Frankenstein to be a psychological novel that stresses the hidden workings of the mind, write an essay that analyzes the novel from the perspective that the monster is symbolic of Victor Frankenstein’s own repr


You must use your primary source (the text you are writing about) as a reference in your paper. A well-chosen quote from the play or novel can have a powerful impact on a point you are arguing in your essay. A descriptive passage from Frankenstein might be a perfect example of a device or technique that Shelley uses to support your thesis. On the other hand, quoting material can also be overdone. The quotes in your paper should not overpower your own argument. Try to avoid quoting long passages; there is an art to extricating just the right part of a passage to create the best impact in your paper.
Secondary Source References: You do not have to use a secondary source as a reference in your essay. However, I am offering this more advanced form of essay writing as an opportunity for extra credit. Secondary sources will help you write a more interesting paper because they will stimulate your thinking on the primary source (the texts we are reading in class) and give you support or work as a contrast to the argument you are making about the text. Acceptable sources are academic books, peer-reviewed journal articles (most of which are available online), and on-line university websites . All documentation must follow MLA guidelines for both the in-text citation and the Works Cited page that will be on a separate page following your essay.
The paper format I would like you to follow is attached to this assignment sheet. It includes double-spacing throughout the paper, 11-pt. Calibri font, and 1-inch margins.


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