Foundations of Exceptionality


Each answer should be 3 paragraphs in length, include thought-provoking, clearly focused, and fully supported sentences. Replies should follow the same expectations. Be sure to use first person terminology. For example, you should use the term if you choose to use the term “student with a disability” rather than “disabled student”, or points will be taken off.

1.Topic: Discuss the difference between a secular approach and a biblical approach to special education. Use the notes on special education, Christian schools, and Christian philosophy of special education provided in the Reading & Study of Module. Feel free to use Scripture verses that are related to this topic. Be sensitive to the fact that both public and Christian school teachers will be participating in this discussion. Utilize Ackerman’s GUIDE book focusing on the Great Commission and Understanding Differentiation Instruction to inform your thoughts on this topic.

2.Topic: Discuss the history we have of blaming parents for the disabilities of their children. In what ways have we changed our views? What areas of disabilities do you believe society is often still willing to blame on the actions of the parents? Share any thoughts you may have after watching the Father/Son Athlete presentation. Discuss our role as Christians in lifting these families up, rather then judging or blaming the parents.

3.Topic: Discuss the importance of inclusion and the access to the general curriculum of students with disabilities. Further discuss how an alternative service placement, that may be segregated from non-disabled students, might be the least restrictive environment for some children and youths. Utilize Ackerman’s GUIDE book focusing on Instruction and Assessment, Delivery Methods, and Educating for Success.

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