Forensic Anthropology in Relationship to Mass Graves

Forensic Anthropology in Relationship to Mass Graves (can research under genocide & crimes against humanity)
2. Write a brief statement explaining your topic choice. Why did you choose it? What are you hoping this research will teach you?
3. Locate 5 articles from the Journal of Forensic Sciences
a. You might find it interesting to look for articles over a wide array of years to give you a taste of how research foci have changed. Access to articles starts from 1972 til present.
4. Use APA format to record the citation information for each source
5. Write a summary for that article including the following (format you summaries like this numbered list)
a. Research question that the author(s) wanted to explore
b. Sample used
c. Results of their research
d. Issues/problems that the author(s) noted about the study
i. If none, state that plainly in your summary
e. Future avenues of research proposed in the article/chapter/book
i. If nothing was proposed for future research?.read the discussion & conclusion again just to be sure. If you are certain that they don?t propose any future research (or ways to improve their own study), state that plainly in your summary
6. Place your summaries in alphabetical order (by first author?s last name)
7. Write a concluding statement focusing on whether or not the research was successful in achieving what you had hoped to do (from #2 above).
a. Did you learn anything unexpected or totally new by doing this research?
b. If you were to do this project again, what would you do differently?
c. Based on everything you have read on this topic, what do you think is the most important thing that needs to be addressed by future research on this topic?

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