Foreign Policy.

The question is too long, I’ll write it in here:
You are part of Prime Minister David Cameron’s foreign policy team, a diverse group of individuals containing both Realists and Liberals. You have been tasked to write a document that reviews UK foreign policy in relation to the ongoing violent conflict in Syria. What will your recommendations be?

Issues to consider when drafting the briefing document

– Assume you have an academic training in Foreign Policy – please bring key concepts/ideas to bear on the exercise.
– Do not focus on the ‘empirical’ details of the event unless this is crucial to the context of the role.
– We are not assessing you on how much information you know about the particular crisis / event, neither do we think you have to write briefings according to what did happen as opposed to what could plausibly have happened. This is not a test of your knowledge of contemporary history.
– Try to bring out the really salient issues – what are you hoping to gain from the decision? What are your ‘red-liners’? What are the risks? How might your strategy play out in a domestic or external political environment (where relevant)?
– We are not expecting the briefing to be over-encumbered with too many references to the literature, but you should engage with the key ideas/theories/concepts where relevant (and tell the reader who the sources are with accurate referencing). A full bibliography of your sources is required.
– Conclusion and your own recommendation are the key points of the essay, please spend more words on it.

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