First visitthe Commonwealth Law web site or another site with Commonwealth legislation and the State law web site for your state to find and read a new piece of legislation passed in 2013.

Here is the Queensland site. Chose an Actwhich interests you but must be from 2013 or you will receive no marks.

The Questions Having completed the required reading including locating and reading two new Acts from 2013 you are required to answerthe following questions. Each

question is worth 2 marks, one mark for each jurisdiction, other wordsthe answerfor the state giv es1 mark, the answer forthe Commonwealth giv es1 mark.

There are a total of 10 marks forthe exercise.

1. Background – Finding The Acts For both of your2013 Acts describe in some detail how you located the act, which service

or data base did you use and how did you locate a 2012 Act? Hint: Take me through it step by step please, (eg. ‘‘I first located the Comlaw web site, then lfound the

20 3 Acts,

2. Choosing The Acts What is each Act all about? Just an overview in your own words is sufficient. Why did you chose these Acts and why are they of interest to you? No

more than two orthree paragraphs please.

3.The Act – Name and Commencement What isthe shorttitle for each of yourActs and when did yourActs commence to operate? Provide the section numbers from the Act which

support your answer. Eg. “Section 3 saysthe short title of myAct is

4. The Act Purpose or Objects Most acts now have a purpose or objects section. Find the purpose or the object of your acts and tell me what it is.
Quote it verbatim. What isthe section number forthe purpose or object section in yourActs? Hint: It should be towardsthe beginning of most acts.

5. The Policy Issues Parliaments make new laws all the time based on a desire to introduce their policies into the way Australia is governed.

Locate the Explanatory Memoranda which accompanied the Bill into Parliament before it was passed orthe second
reading speech. Quoting from either ofthese documents, whatwere some ofthe reasons given by Minister who introduced this law into
Parliament? lfthere are a number ofthem just a couple will be adequate.


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