find a case, summarise it(40%) and critically analyze it(60%)(2015-2016)

find a case, summarise it(40%) and critically analyze it(60%)(2015-2016)
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Task Description:

You need to find a New South Wales Sentencing decision from 2015 or 2016 (not earlier). You should summarise the case and critically analyse it. About 60% of the assignment should be summary and 40% critical analysis.

How to find a case

This is a search engine which looks for New South Wales cases. Use this.

In Catchwords type the word sentencing

In the first date range box type the following:

Leave the date range box “to” blank

Leave all other boxes blank unless you want to search for a specific type of offence- in which case the name of the offence in the box “free text”

-Your summary should:

*outline the facts of the case (what happened?);

* explain what the offender was convicted of ;

* outline something of the offender themselves- were they young? old? mentally ill?

* discuss any aggravating and mitigating factors and

* explain the decision of the judge (Was the offender jailed? How long? Any community service?

-Your critical analysis should:

* focus on the purposes of punishment;

* discuss whether the decision was fair in the light of any aggravating or mitigating factors.

You can use this document to help you make your argument

* In particular the sections on the Purposes of Sentencing, Sentencing Options and Imposing a Sentence may be useful.

* If it applies to your case, the sections on Mental Illness and Sentencing Aboriginal offenders may also be useful.

How to write your response.

The title of your piece should be “A Critical Analysis of Name of your case”

You need an introduction and conclusion which states your thesis. You need to start with the summary and then move into the critical analysis. The critical analysis should support your conclusion.

You must edit your work.

You must follow the conventions of English and use in-text referencing.

The case and the Hot Topics document should appear in your reference list.

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