Final Leadership Posting

In place of the Self-Development Plan, students will complete this final Discussion Forum.

This final assignment will be worth 20 points – therefore students should put greater effort into thinking about this posting and in writing thoughtful responses.

In this posting, you will reflect on what you have learned and think about how you can move forward with this knowledge. This is a bookend to the first discussion forum posting.

You need to give your definition of a leader. Then, you’ll need to write your personal mission statement. The mission statement must be less than 50 words. This mission statement should include information on your instrumental values, as well as your terminal values.
Identify an individual who you believe to be a leader. You will need to justify why you believe them to be a leader. THIS MUST BE A PERSON YOU KNOW WELL and should not be a famous person. Then, you will apply a leadership theory to describe the effective behaviors of this leader.
Identify and define 3 concepts or theories from the class (not covered elsewhere in this paper or in other papers) and explain about how you are going to use those concepts in your future leadership endeavors. THEY CANNOT COME FROM THE LEADERSHIP CHAPTER OR THE PERSONALITY CHAPTER.

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