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Topic: Final Exam

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Guidelines for the Final Exam

The final exam in EN 106 asks you to craft a thesis-driven essay about a group of readings chosen by your instructor. (See below for required readings). As with previous writing tasks in EN 106, you will be expected to attend to the broad areas of focus, development, organization, and mechanics to an effective academic argument.”

Students may only use their primary text: From Inquiry to Academic Writing.

Style/Format: Include appropriate MLA or APA in-text citations.

References: The final exam will include references to at least three of the assigned readings. Such references will utilize quotation or paraphrasing, and they will include correct MLA or APA in- text citations.

Titles: Include a descriptive title at the beginning of your essay that tips your readers off to your thesis.

Cover pages: No need to include a cover page.

Required readings:
In Greene & Lidinsky, Ch. 9; Klein, “No Logo,” pp. 776-788; and Satel & Lilienfeld, “from The Buyologist Is In: The Rise of Neuromarketing,” pp. 796-809.

In Greene & Lidinsky, Ch. 4 & 5; and Edmundson, “On the Uses of a Liberal Education: As Lite Entertainment for Bored College Students,” pp. 389-404

Paulo Freire’s “The Banking Concept of Education.”

Greene & Lidinsky, “From Ethos to Logos: Appealing to Your Readers,”

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