Film History



Your answer must include attention to historical context(s) and draw on concepts and theories encountered on the module AND those developed from independent research. You must also refer to RELEVANT films you have viewed.

1. Discuss the development of Early Cinema (films made between 1895 and 1906) in relation to film aesthetics and technological change, with detailed reference to films viewed.
2. Explore the ways in which German Expressionist cinema can be seen to be a product of its national context.
3. Discuss the specific historical contexts which led to the rise – and fall – of Soviet montage cinema. You should make reference to films from the movement which you have viewed.
4. Assess the ways in which the French New Wave was influenced by social change and new approaches to cinema.
5. Analyse the relationship European Art Cinema has with mainstream cinema in terms of production, exhibition and aesthetics.
6. Explore the factors that gave rise to Post-Classical Hollywood cinema and that defined the resulting production practices and film form.
7. Making reference to specific films, discuss Italian Neo-Realist cinema in terms of its political and cultural context.
8. Evaluate how appropriate it is to group together films from different countries and different decades under the term avant-garde cinema. Answer with reference to institutional practices, social/political aims and aesthetics.
9. With reference to specific films, analyse how Third Cinema functions as a categorisation of film.

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