File Management

Use the Internet r=to research the storage and retrieval techniques of two (2) search engine organizations. Focus on storage efficiency, speed, and accuracy.
Q-1 From the e-Activity, evaluate the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of the storage and retrieval techniques that two (2) search engine organizations currently use.

Imagine that the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a new search engine organization has asked your opinion on which storage and retrieval techniques he/she use for

his/her company. Suggest the key storage and retrieval techniques he/she should incorporate. Provide a rational for your response.

Second e-Activity
Use the Internet to research Windows and Unix’s file management systems efficiency and ease of use.
Q-2 From the second e-Activity, evaluate the ease of use and efficiency of using both Windows and Unix file management systems. Of the two file management systems,

determine the one that is more efficient and has a better user interface. Provide a rationale for your response.

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