Fall of communism/cold war

Paper instructions:
• Topic must focus on the fall of communism or the cold war but cannot have any american perspective in the essay
• Topic must be supported by either 3-5 substantial primary sources or more than 6 shorter primary sources.
• Primary sources should all be from either book sources or academic web sites.
• Primary sources should all be used to develop a historical thesis.
• The thesis must be supported entirely by primary evidence. No secondary sources should be used to support the argument. Secondary sources may be accessed to determine a topic and for background information.

Finalized Research Proposal Due Day 3, Week 1 (May 6-10)
The research proposal should include, in this order:
• A one-paragraph description of the topic that includes a time period.
• A potential research question that the primary sources might answer.
• A list of at least 3-5 primary sources written in Turabian bibliographic format.
Research proposals will be checked at the beginning of class. Students must have these approved before continuing research, so it is recommended that students complete these early.

Daily Note Checks
Notes on primary and secondary sources will be checked 2 times during the research process for a homework grade. Students should use the chart provided to take notes on primary sources and begin to identify patterns and themes.

Finalized Research Question and Potential Themes Due Day 1, Week 2 (May 13-17)
Students must come to class on Day 1 of the second week of the project ready to show their teacher a finalized research question and relevant potential themes emerging from the group of sources. These must be ready at the beginning of class on Day 1.

Outline, with finalized thesis, Due Day 3, Week 2 (May 13-17)
Students must come to class with an outline of their essays ready to show their teacher at the beginning of class on Day 3. This should be a formal outline— Roman numerals should signify the topic of every paragraph in the essay. At a minimum, this outline should state the finalized thesis and clarify the topic for each body paragraph. Students will have time to expand on more specific evidence and analysis in this outline during class. Students should use a variety of ways to incorporate evidence and analysis on this outline.

Last Class in Library, Monday, May 20
Friday is the last day in the library to work on the project. Students should aim to finish writing the essay during this class in order to allow time to edit the essay and footnotes over the weekend.

Final Project Due Tuesday, May 21
The final project, in hard copy, is due no later than 3:15 on this date. Even if your class does not meet, you should bring your project to your teacher by the end of the school day. If you have class on Tuesday, it will be spent reviewing for the final exam.



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