Export & Import Transaction in a global business strategy.

Paper instructions:
Prepare a word format report of least 10 page single space, (including graphics and reference must included the following format.
Final Report Components
1.  Clear and concise title
2.? Executive Summary
3.  Introduction (objectives, precedents, contribution)
4.  Background or antecedents
5.  Data description (information description, variables, target population,
sampling units).
6.  Methodology (calculations, statistical procedures, etc.)
7.  Results
8.  Discussion of results
9.  Limitations
10. Conclusions
11. Recommendations
12. Appendix (survey, additional results, etc.)
13. References (bibliography and e-sites)
14. Data in Excel format (this is another file)

Although all components are important: not all of them may be present in the report, but the components written in bold face should show up in the final report.

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