Select one topic from the following topic areas. Research and discuss practices and strategies (interventions) employed when working with young children and

adolescents. Also identify any specific professionals involved and their role.

Select one of the following topic areas:
1) Cerebral Palsy
2) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
3) Rett?s Disorder
4) Autism Spectrum Disorder.

1. Discuss the impact of the disability on the individual?s development?. Incorporate an overview of the topic area with specific reference to the impact on an

individual?s development (you will need to raise issues in the appropriate domains developmental sequences from early childhood through to and including adolescence.
2. Also identify intervention strategies you can raise:
a. Examples of historical intervention strategies and why they are no longer used if appropriate.
b. Current intervention strategies and the reasoning behind them. For historical discussions ONLY if you need to use references that are older than 5 years that is

fine. Please ensure that you are using the most up-to-date information regarding current strategies
* introduce your topic up front with a definition and a brief description (all in the intro). Then in the body, talk briefly about the causes and impact on the

individual. Then use the rest of the assignment to concentrate on the interventions. That is, most of the assignment should focus on supports and interventions.

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