Experiment in Ethics by Appiah and article by Bennett

Please answer the following question about the above readings of philosophy and for each question , indicate line number(s)or page where you find your answer according to the pages (pdf) i have uploaded.

1. Why is it a problem for virtue ethics if it were to be shown that the kind of character traits required for an agent to possess eudaimonia (to live the good life) either don’t exist or are such that persons can’t possess them?

2. What does the critique of virtue ethics take from Milgram’s experiments on obedience to authority? Why is that?

3. What does the critique of virtue ethics take from Zimbardo’s Stanford prison experiment? Why is that?

4. What does the critique of virtue ethics take from the Princeton seminary experiment? Why is that?

5. Give a partial alternative explanation for the Milgram experiment’s results based on epistemic commitment.

6. What are framing effects? How do they seem to help the situationist critique of virtue ethics? Give two examples of framing effects.

7. What are the three axioms of prospect theory described by Appiah?

8. What is the footbridge trolley problem? What is the sheriff case? What should a consequentialist do in those cases and why?

9. Your uncle Sheldon routinely says ‘sustract’ and you take him to mean *subtract*. On what basis do you so interpret him?

10. Why is it infelicitous if when asked by you where the nearest gas station is, I direct you to one that I know to be out of gas?

11. According to Bennett, what is the difference between sympathy and morality?

12. Why did Huck Finn change his mind about helping Jim to escape to freedom? Why does Finn lie about Jim’s race? Does Finn think, at that moment, that he did the right thing?

13. Why does Bennett believe that Himmler felt sympathy? Who was Himmler? Why does Bennett think that Edwards was even worse, in a key respect, than Himmler? How might one argue that Edwards wasn’t in fact worse than Himmler?


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