Examination of Textile Fibers by Microscopy

Topic: Examination of Textile Fibers by Microscopy

Paper details:

2. Go to: http://www.pearsoncustom.com/us/vlm/ This will open on a separate web page.

username: paula2200
password: Sophonie10
4. Once you log in, select “Examination of Textile Fibers by Microscopy.”

5. Select Exercise 1. After you complete exercise 1, you will proceed to exercises 2 and 3 and complete each of them.

6. Complete the lab exercise and the lab report you downloaded- “lab report exercise fiber 1.” The report consists of laboratory procedural steps as well as essay questions concerning the experiment.

NOTE: The worksheets attached to the virtual lab ARE NOT required to be completed/submitted. Use only the lab report attached to this assignment.
essay question
Examination of Textile Fibers by Microscopy

1. Provide a synopsis of the details associated with your scenario (5 pts):

2. List the equipment and supplies required for the examination (5 pts):

3. Thoroughly describe, in proper sequence, the examination process (12 its):

4. Which Reference Sample(s) match the unknown fiber (10 pts)?

5. Complete the following Table (29 pts)
Record what kind of fiber the unknown and each known appear to be based on the exercises.
Sample Designation Type of Fiber
Known 1
Known 2
Known 3
Known 4
Known 5
6. ESSAY- one paragraph: What is an IR-light microspectrophotometer and why is it beneficial in the forensic analysis of fiber evidence (30 pts)?
7. SHORT ANSWER: List the characteristics of fibers that are normally analyzed by forensic scientists using a comparison microscope (9 pts).

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