Ethical decision-making process

Paper instructions:
This Discussion Board Assignment is based on your reading of Case 10: Phantom Expenses on p. 631-632 of the Carroll/Buchholtz text. Determine how Jane Adams should handle this situation. Use the ethical decision-making process to reach a resolution. (Refer to the “Ethical Decision Making Diagram” on p. 253 of your text, Figure 8-8.) Your ethics screen should include an analysis of at least 5 ethical principles and tests found in the “Ethical Decision Making Diagram.”

Deliverables: What you will be typing in your initial Discussion Board Post is the action you are recommending Jane Adams take in this situation and an analysis of how each of the 5 ethical principles or tests guided you to the recommended action. Additionally, provide thoughtful feedback on the post of at least one other student. Simply stating “I disagree/agree with you” will not earn points.

Please note the functionality of this Bb forum.: You will be able to review and provide feedback on the threads of others AFTER you have posted your thread with answers to the assigned questions.
*Writing style for discussion board:

1. Write in complete sentence and paragraph format.

2. Postings must be free from grammar and spelling errors. To eliminate errors, consider drafting your post in a word processing program (i.e. Microsoft Word) before posting in Blackboard.

3. In the business environment, managers and colleagues need you to be clear and concise in your communication. The same applies on discussion board.

•Initial post: The length of your initial post will vary based on the question posed, ranging anywhere from 1 to several paragraphs. Again, be concise. Write as much as needed to effectively answer the question(s).
•Response: The feedback on a fellow student’s post should be equally clear and concise, ranging from 3 to 5 sentences.


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