Essay 2.2: Enthymeme Essay

Essay 2.2: Enthymeme Essay
The main objective of Essay 2.2 is to make an argumentative claim in response to a question at issue. Your essay should support that claim with the best reason that you can gather. In addition to sustaining an argument, you will be providing relevant information that your reader would need to know in order to understand your argument. You will also thoroughly address and then refute an opposing voice to your claim. This essay must be significantly rewritten and revised, with the instructor’s and peer’s comments taken into serious consideration.
* Write 1400-1900 words. Provide a word count at the end of your essay.
Required Elements, Sources, and Format instructions for Essay 2.2 are the same as those for 2.1.
* Upload an electronic version of your essay (.pdf or .docx — it doesn’t accept .pages) through Canvas by 4:00pm (our class time) on Wednesday, May 11.
** At the bottom of the Essay 2.2 assignment page, click on “Load Essay 2.2 in a new tab” and follow directions on how to upload your paper onto Vericite.
** If you still encounter problems with the website, e-mail me a copy of your essay before the time that it is due.
* To be submitted at the beginning of class on Wednesday, May 11:
1. One paper copy of Essay 2.2
2. All peer review letters (peer-commented Essay 2.1s not needed)
3. Essay 2.1 with my comments
4. Marked grading sheet for Essay 2.1

this writing must have 90 percent different from Essay 2.1. It should have enthymeme. Please make sure you write a enthymeme for my paper! If you don’t know what is enthymeme, please google it. i upload a pdf which is teacher how to grade my first draft. this essay is more argument. So you should use the personal opinion.

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