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In introduction (definition of reflective essay,definition of one model of reflection which you will use in this essay or three for 3 situations that i will attached herewith, then justification of selection of this particular model/s). Then to mention a brief description about my intention to write about the three situations in my experience (3 situations that i have attached).

The body should start with the first situation, that should apply the model selected in the first situation.The the writer should describe the my different experience in each cycle in the selected model. Then he/she should write an action plan for each of the three situations by focusing on the development occurred in my personal and professional life.
Conclusion, should describe the benefit that i got from this essay and what have these three situation changed in my personal and professional life.

he should use first person style while writing by describing my own experience for the three situations. The references should be done under harvard writing style and should be more that 30 different references.
The citation should be done according to Harvard style as well, including citing every definition written or citation in the paper.

Finally, to avoid plagiarism in the paper.

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