Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) UAE context


Dear Writer,
Please arrange the report on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) UAE context, which means the ERP in UAE and considers the following conditions:
The structure of the essay should be as follow:
1. Cover page
2. Table of contents
3. Table of figures (if any)
4. list of used acronyms(abbreviations)
5. Definitions
6. Introduction and history
7. Core topic
8. Market analysis, main suppliers’ systems comparison and evaluation you are required to present and a demonstrate features such as pros and cons, strength and weakness in respective of the chosen topic. These features must be addressed and presented.
9. Comparison and evaluation UAE vs. International level.
10. Trends, perspectives, recommendations and conclusions.
11. References (please be variety in this and add references for books, websites, articles ..etc..)
One page summary:
I already required also one page summary A4, highlighting the main aspects of the topic.
please make the report simple and easy to understand because I need to present it for teacher and student later, with note that my instructor like the sentences and paragraph into pullets point more than long paragraph because he don’t like to read a lot but surely some have to be in paragraphs.
I attached my table of contents if you think its need to change then please do it but with following the structure of essay.
The core of the topic must have a volume of minimum 10 pages and maximum of 12 pages. Line spacing 1.5 line spaced pages, font size 11-12points. Font type: Arial or Calibri or similar. Copy and baste from another recourse are strictly prohibited and not allowed. If any information or data is taken from any resources then a citation and referencing are obligatory.


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