Educational Funding Discussion Questions

Budgeting Accountability
Using the 21st Century program, Jackson Public school district (Jackson,MS) discuss its alignment to the vision, mission, and goals of Jackson Public school district. Answer the following questions as part of the discussion:
• Was the program created by a court or legislative action?
• How does the district illustrate that funds for the program are used wisely, ethically, and appropriately?
• How much does the program’s funding provide to the district’s budget?

u06d1 School-Based Funding
Many individuals involved with education administration disagree on whether budget management should be school-based or centralized. Those in favor of centralized management believe that teachers and principals lack the appropriate training or inclination to undertake the administrative workload involved in running all budgeting functions of a school. Take a position that supports either centralized or school-based management and support your position with applicable examples and academic support. Remember to use APA format to cite your resources.

u06d2 Improving Schools
Explain your position either for or against one of the following two discussion points:
• The only way to improve public schools is to dramatically increase the resources available.
• Incentives for students, schools, and teachers can dramatically improve schools if they are correctly structured.
Although the points are stated rather simplistically, they are laden with many of the ethical issues facing K–12 policy makers who are attempting to improve student achievement. Again, make your case and articulate your rationale clearly. Remember to cite your references using APA format.

u07d1 Standard Classification of Expenditures
Analyze the relationship between Jackson Public school district (Jackson,MS) and national revenue and expenditure classifications. Use the National Center for Education Statistics Web site to compare the local school district’s chart of accounts (the reporting format) with the national format.

u07d2 Audit Processes
The role of the auditing process is to ensure the financial health of a school district. Both public and private entities use audits to assure stakeholders that invested resources are used wisely, appropriately, and according to the regulations. Discuss the steps in the auditing process in Jackson Public school district (Jackson, MS). Determine if Jackson Public school district (Jackson, MS)has used categorical funding to supplant or supplement its budget. Also, determine if Jackson Public school district (Jackson, MS) operated with a surplus or deficit by examining the audit report in Jackson Public school district (Jackson, MS).

u08d1 Non-Public School Funding
Using the resources that you have located in your study activities in this course, as well as your course materials, answer the following questions:
• Cite and describe a federal or state court case that enabled use of public funding for non-public schools through charters, vouchers, tuition tax credits, or home schooling.
• Analyze the effect the case has had on funding for public schools.
• State whether it is appropriate or inappropriate for public funds to support non-public schools. Also include your definition of appropriate or inappropriate.
• Explain how you think the funding of non-public schools has, in general, affected funding for public education and educational results for children.
Remember to use APA format to cite your references and provide examples to reinforce your position. Come up with at least 2 alternative options or solutions to the alternative education funding controversy.

u08d2 Non-Public Schools Funding Criteria
Should all the funding criteria (horizontal equity, vertical equity, adequacy, fiscal neutrality) apply to the funding of non-public schools? Why or why not? Use APA cited references to support your position.

u09d1 Community Fundraising
Identify three examples of non-traditional fundraising in your community. In light of the focus on student achievement, school reforms, and adequacy, how would you go about developing a community effort to raise funds for a bond referendum for facilities? As part of your discussion, evaluate a successful (or unsuccessful) project that you observed or were a part of. Identify the reasons for its success or the ways in which it could have been improved. You can use the Great Schools Web site from this unit’s readings to help you brainstorm ideas for fundraising.

u09d2 Impact of Facilities on Student Achievement
Since facilities are such an essential and visible part of the school district’s profile in the community, they are a large part of the resource focus of the district administration and school board. For this discussion, identify and describe the impact of facilities on student achievement. Use APA cited references to support your position.

u10d1 Impact of NCLB and IDEA
Discuss your school district’s progress on adequate yearly progress (AYP) last year. Analyze the financial impact of the NCLB and the IDEA on your district. How have NCLB and IDEA affected your school’s resource allocation?

Jackson Public school district (Jackson, MS) budget is normally divided into two major functions, operational and capital. Program funding is almost exclusively put into the operational section of the budget. Capital revenue tends to be derived from a different source than operating funds which is generated by property taxes and categorical funding. Capital revenue is typically generated by bonds, operating surplus, designated grants. However, there are some items which may be classified as capital such as, lifts for special education, some printers and computers. Jackson Public school district has a price level above which items are classified as capital.



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