Education Voucher Program Review



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Education Voucher Program Review

Voucher programs are an educational privatization approach used nationally and internationally. Their use is controversial. In this assignment, you will examine the perspectives of proponents and opponents of educational vouchers, as well as examine and reflect on the empirical findings about the effectiveness of one U.S. and one international voucher program.

To prepare for this assignment, review the resources in this module, and conduct your own investigation to identify the characteristics of educational vouchers. Then, examine empirical studies about two voucher programs of your choosing, one that is national and one that is international. Suggestions are provided below, but you may identify a different program.

Note: The empirical studies included in your paper must minimally include both the effectiveness of the program relative to student achievement, as well as economic considerations.

A U.S. voucher program (e.g., D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP), Milwaukee, Cleveland)

An international voucher program (e.g., Programa de Ampliación de Cobertura de la Educación Secundaria (PACES)* Program—Colombia, Chile)
Note: You may use the empirical studies provided in your module Learning Resources to meet the requirements of this assignment.

Develop a paper that compares one national and one international voucher program. Include the following:

Concise overview of each voucher program, meeting the following criteria:

Features and participation/qualifications information
Empirical evidence of the effectiveness of each voucher program on student achievement
Economic issues (positive and/or negative) of each voucher program

Summarize the pros and cons about educational vouchers that emerged from your research?
What implications are there for policy based on your research?
Provide citations for each of the above areas addressed in your paper.


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