education, environment, equity

Choose an issue (e.g. education, environment, equity etc.) and write a briefing paper on the issue for the
relevant Federal Minister of a selected country, and make an oral presentation to the officials of the Ministry.
The paper (2000 words) and presentation (15 minutes) are required to cover the following:
1) Statement of the issue of concern;
2) Background of the issue;
3) Analysis of the issue (significant aspects of the issue, prospective
problems/consequences/opportunities, identification and discussion of the options of solution, and
recommendations to address the issue)
4) References

Please follow the instructions above. I will attach a reading lists file to you and you need to use it your reference. Please use as much as you can in reading lists. Can you choose education or environment? But make sure that your choice need to be in Australia, not any other countries. Thanks

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