Edscha Plant Closure

Subject: Business
This assignment is worth 25% of your final grade. Complete it after you have finished Unit 6. In this assignment, you will conduct a case study from a real life bargaining situation. Choose one of the two cases outlined below. Watch the video overview of the case and read some additional background material. You may choose to research additional resources for further background into the cases. Write an 8-to-10?page essay (2000?2400 words) analyzing what the case teaches us about collective bargaining. Be sure to incorporate concepts from the course in the discussion. Be sure to focus your discussion on what the case reveals about collective bargaining in Canada in the context of the course lessons. For each case, some guiding questions are provided to help focus your analysis. Case 1: Edscha Plant Closure Watch The Education of Brian Nicholl, (https://www.cbc.ca/fifth/2009-2010/the_education_of_brian_nicholl/)a CBC Fifth Estate documentary (running time 45:04). Read Timeline of Events. (https://www.cbc.ca/fifth/2009-2010/the_education_of_brian_nicholl/timeline.html) Review Related Links and Documents.(https://www.cbc.ca/fifth/2009-2010/the_education_of_brian_nicholl/link.html) In preparing your essay, be sure to consider the following questions: ? What was the balance of bargaining power, and how did it shift as the story unfolded? ? What strategies did the union employ to try to achieve a settlement? Why did it choose those strategies? ? What was the employer?s strategy for avoiding contractual obligations? Why did the strategy work? ? What does the case tell us about the importance of language clarity in an agreement? ? What role does the union play in circumstances such as this? ? What does the case say about the tension between union staff negotiators and affected workers? ? What role did the provincial government (the state) play in the process and outcome? ? How much did the economic and political environment shape the bargaining outcome? ? How might issues of globalization and neoliberalism affect the bargaining dynamic in this case? ? In your opinion, could the union have done any more for the workers? Should the workers have accepted the deal?

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