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Task: Answer the following theory questions covering five topics from the Roberts and Zahay text which may
be used as a starting point to your research.
Failure to show evidence of a minimum of 24 academic journals (peer reviewed) may result in instance failure.
Answers are to cover theory and to be supported by contemporary examples to demonstrate your understanding of the question/s asked.
1. Internet Marketing As Part of the Marketing Communications Mix
This chapter emphasizes throughout that business and marketing processes are changing in fundamental ways as a result of the Internet. Discuss in considerable depth one specific driver of change and identify ways in which it is altering the way businesses conduct their daily and strategic activities.

2. Business Models and Strategies
Can a company have more than one business model?

3. Online Branding and Video Marketing
What are the important elements of a video marketing strategy ? Why is it important that marketers have a strategy for their use of videos?

4. Search Marketing:
Why is local search such an important part of the life of Internet users ?

5. Social Media Marketing
Explain why some managers are resistant to the idea of engaging in social media marketing

Introduction : 250 words at max
Conclusion : 250 words at max

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