drugs use in films and how audience are made to see drugs

Identify at least 6 academic sources for discussion and suggest the potential for making an original argument.
This proposal will be used to allocate you to a supervisor and so is of paramount importance.
Your proposal is an outline of the subject you intend to research or analyse (for example, a particular topic or theme that occurs in film, television or other media arts; the work of an arts or media organisation; current or past public policy on the arts or media). It should also include the rationale for the proposed work: you should describe why the subject is academically relevant and where your research is located within an existing academic tradition. This means that serious discussion of existing academic work is necessary.
You should describe how you intend to carry out your work using a recognised method of analysis. In addition, if your work involves members of the public, or public bodies such as media or arts organisations, you should show that you have established access to them, or that such access is likely. In such cases you would also need to complete an ‘Ethical Clearance’ form.
Your proposal must be word-processed and printed on single-sided A4 paper using a 12pt font with double line spacing.
The text of your proposal must include:
Research question and objectives
Academic context
Site or sites for analysis (eg. specific films or other media objects and contexts)

Your proposal will be assessed by your supervisor who will be looking for evidence that:

you have chosen an appropriate subject for your degree course
your objectives and rationale are clearly explained
you have considered existing literature on your topic and located your research in relation to that literature
you have chosen a recognised and appropriate method of research or analysis, and that you have justified your choice of method
you have presented your work to an acceptable standard, obeying conventions of formal writing, referencing and bibliography.
NOTE 1: If your supervisor considers your proposal to be inadequate or inappropriate they will ask you to revise and re-submit it within a fortnight.

NOTE 2: If your research project involves human subjects you are required to complete a research ethics approval form.

NOTE 3: When Proposing your topic it is not enough to say you will write:
‘A history of film editing’ [It’s already been done and you would only be borrowing all your information anyway]

It is also not enough to say you will discuss:
‘Film editing in the work of Terrence Malick’.

You must strive to say something that is focused, grounded in literature, and which offers the possibility for dialogue and debate.

Your Title might be:
“The Duration of Contemplation: Editing Nature in the films of Terrence Malick”.
“Montage within the Shot: How 3D films do it differently”.
“Blasphemy and the State in contemporary Iranian Cinema”.
“What was cinema? Mapping the new spectator, tracking film’s dematerialisation.”


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