Drug and alcohol in mental health

Project description
Up to a 500-word written report about what other alcohol and other drug assessments/screens that you could select that would be useful or appropriate in your work

setting, is to accompany the AOD assessment. You will need to consider what it is about the assessment(s) you have selected that led to you choosing them; any

limitations to the assessment(s); and why they are relevant to your work setting. In this description, you will need to show that the assessment that you have selected

has sound psychometric properties for your patient population. You may need to refer to Module 1 (particularly the Teesson et al. reading) to assist you in deciding

upon the most appropriate assessment for your work place. You may also find how assessments are written up in the Methods sections of any reputable journal article

helpful with how to word and structure your description.
You will also need to include a brief description of your work setting and staffing to help explain the rationale for why you have selected the assessment(s). This

section of Assignment 1 will need to be submitted via Turnitin.
Recommended references for this assignment
Teesson, M., Clement, N., Copeland, J., Conroy, A. & Reid A. (2000). The measurement of outcome in alcohol and other drug treatment: A review of available instruments.

NDARC Technical Report No. 92, Sydney: NDARC. (pp. 1-16). Available from: http://ndarc.med.unsw.edu.au/resource/measurement-outcome-alcohol-and-other-drug-treatment-

Dawe, S., Loxton, N.J., Hides, L., Kavanagh, D.J., Mattick, R.P. (2002) Review of diagnostic screening instruments for alcohol and other drug use and other psychiatric

disorders. Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra: This can be accessed from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care. Available from:

http://www.health.gov.au and in the Search box type ‘monograph 48’
Deady, M. (2009). A review of screening, assessment, and outcome measures for drug and alcohol settings. Sydney: NADA. Available from:

Description of work place setting and staffing

Description of assessment(s) that you selected for your work setting

Limitations of the assessment(s

Rationale for selecting assessment(s)
Relevance of assessment(s) to work setting

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