DRAMA – NEW MEDIA Technology

DRAMA – NEW MEDIA Technology

Paper instructions:
1. What are some of the key differences between what we would today refer to as ‘new media’ and the media that preceded it?

2. In what ways does the value of a network increase as more people make use of it (or could the argument be made that the opposite is true in some cases)? What are some other consequences of increased network activity, in terms of points of contact as well as content?

3. Flanagan describes, ‘a sense of individual empowerment achieved through enhanced agency’ derived from recent developments in new media [such as the way in which Web 2.0 users are able to take control over their configuration, use, and re-use of the Internet]. Consider both ‘empowerment’ and ‘agency’ in this context and discuss.

4. Mobile phone use is considered by some as part of a revolution in youth culture. Discuss what this means and in what ways such changes are evident in varying degrees across generational (and/or other demographic) lines.

This paper is worth 50% of the entire course grade and need this done to perfection. ABSOLUTELY NO Plagiarism.

Attached is the whole course notes with stories/readings, pointers and theories. MUST RELATE TO THE CLASS NOTES. REFERENCE COURSE NOTES throughout the essay. THIS IS A MUST. FAILURE TO ABIDE BY THIS WILL RESULT IN DIRECT REFUND/CANCELLATION.

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