down syndrome and mental ilness disorders

Topic: down syndrome and mental ilness disorders

Order Description
Please read this very short criteria of the paper
– headings is important
– Introduction: introduce topic and provide overview of the paper
– Body: Describes the epidemiology of the developmental disability, key characteristics, clearly the known and/or hypothesized causes of the developmental disability, describes at least one behavioral problem or mental disorder that is commonly associated with the selected developmental disability, describes an approach to address the behavioral or mental disorder and provides information from TWO original research publications that investigated the effectiveness of the approach AND critiques the studies
– Conclusion: Summarizes and synthesizes content of paper
The paper should:
• Include the epidemiology, characteristics, and causes of the chosen developmental disability.
• Identify and describe a common behavioral problem or mental disorder that is associated with the developmental disability (e.g. aggression, ADHD, schizophrenia).
• Describe one approach (e.g. therapy, treatment, intervention, management etc.) that can be used to address the behavioral problem or mental disorder.
• Find and describe the results of at least two studies that have evaluated the effectiveness of the approach. You are required to critically appraise the identified studies.

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