Document analysis

Instructions–  In this assignment, you are to read and analyze the documents provided in the two links below. Using no more 12-point font and between 600 and 900 words, in well-written English, provide your analysis by addressing the questions below.  [The purpose of this assignment is to analyze primary documents; therefore, citations are unnecessary and the use of outside sources (internet, reference, books and articles, etc) is prohibited.]
Compare and contrast the Virginia and New Jersey plans presented at the Constitutional Convention. Consider the following:

1) What are there structural differences?  Address the following items for each plan:
a) number of branches of government; b) number of houses in the Congress of each plan; c) congressional members chosen by whom;
d) length of terms of service for the legislative branch

2) Are there differences in congressional representation? Address the following issues in each plan:
a) the basis of determining a state’s members; b) votes by states in Congress

3) Does congressional power differ? Discuss the following areas:
a) some varying specific powers enumerated in the plans; b) any powers specifically denied;
c) the relationship between the new federal government and the states

4) Does the executive branch differ in the plans?  Address the following areas for each plan:
a) composition of the executive branch; b) selection of the executive branch;
c) powers provided to the executive

5) How is the judicial branch composed?  Discuss the following issues:
a) the supreme court composed and chosen how; b) the design and selection of any additional courts

6) In your opinion, which of the two plans provides more power to the new federal government? Explain why specifically.


The Virginia plan–Read only Randolph’s 19 propositions. (They start about halfway down the page)

Madison Debates–June 13
The New Jersey plan–Read only Mr. Patterson’s 9 resolutions.

Madison Debates–June 15

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